Fashion Gossip: Met Ball 2012-What it is and some of the worst and best dresses of the night

It’s a Wednesday, a rainy and gloomy one in London. I guess we all need a bit of lightness so here goes my very personal comments on one of the fashion’s biggest nite outs:  2012 Met Ball.

Let’s start with what Met Ball is…Met Ball is the annual ball celebrating New York Metropolitan Museum’s fashion exhibit at Costume Institute.  It is a red carpet event and is as critical as the Oscars in that sense.  I am sure most of you have already seen the movie “Devil wears Prada” or read the book itself, which also had a big scene featuring the event.  It is also one of the biggest nights for Vogue USA considering they are actively involved in the organisation and the invite list. Aahhh the invite list…It is almost impossible to get in there  with tickets ranging from $5000 to $15.000.  I know I can’t and if you are to be one of the lucky ones to get an invite (in that case I assume you are a celebrity and wouldn’t be reading my blog)  for next year, just enjoy it loads knowing you are one of the few mortals to embrace that night.

When it comes to the outfits, this night is the one to be a little extravagant,  really glamourous and bolder. However, 2012 costumes were disappointing for me.

My Worst Dressed of the night Oscar goes to….

Florence Welch..What is this? A white Christmas Tree? Yes, it is bold. Yes, it is over the top…No, not in a good way.

And Alexa Chung…Unfortunately her tom boy, quirky, lovely style didn’t help her this time.  A shirt inside the gown? What’s fashion got to do with it, Alexa???

“Cool” singer Lana del Rey seems to nail it though. It is so like Gwyneth Paltrow’s 2012 Oscar look (in a gothichy sense though) but still working.


And the best dressed…January Jones of Mad Men… Combining season’s high trend neon with a bold and figure flattering look.  Looking gorgeous, unsurprisingly…


I have looked a lot of photos from that night. Unfortunately, I was not really impressed to add anyone else to my best dressed category.  Most people did feathers which I found a bit boring and I chose not to share the average looking gowns anyway.  Hence, you only saw January Jones to be praised by me.  I was not a first hand observer of the night and I mostly relied on photos from other blogs, websites,etc.  Thanks everyone out there making these available.

I will keep looking and if I see something good, promise you will see it here…