Fashion Crowd: Volume 2

Thanks for sending so many wonderful comments to my previous post. Getting these really makes me happy and keep motivated:)

…And where we were?

Today, I want to introduce Mr Sartorialist-if you haven’t heard of him already. I admire the novelty he brought to the industry and his work is what I call inspirational. He brought street style into zoom and helped many to get inspired through what they can actually reach and observe.

What does he do? He basically takes lots of nice photos…of beautiful and stylish men and women. He goes to fashion weeks but also takes random photos on the streets. I think his random shots are much more inspirational than the ones from the fashion weeks.  If you ask me, the crowd out of the catwalks and shows are merely doing show business, I don’t believe they reflect a genuine style, it is made more for being different.

Anything that I don’t like about his work? Scott Schuman (Mr. Sartorialist) and her girlfriend Garance Dore seem to interact too much with each other, at least for me. I find it frustrating to open one of their websites and see very similar if not alike posts, photos, pictures time to time. It’s almost like a buy one get one free promo…and it always devalues the actual stuff.

He is a true forerunner though. Now there are many other street style bloggers out there and it is getting more popular than ever…It always makes my day to shine when I scan these pictures after a stressful working day.

Hope you will enjoy a stylish weekend!