The Fashion Crowd: Who are these people? Vol 1

In 60s there were groupies, the beautiful young girls that follow rock bands relentlessly all around the world hoping to be a part of the dazzle.  Some succeded, some not.  Now, we have a fashion crowd following designers at fashion weeks all around the world. You see them outside catwalk shows in Milan, Paris and New York.  You see them partying, you see them taking photos and blogging. They jet set with A listers but are not really A listers themselves.

Really, who are these people ? Mostly they are fashion bloggers or editors in magazines. They got the invites thanks to their network and their signature is to dress themselves in a manner sure to grab our attention.  Sometimes very nice and very inspiring, but sometimes…Boyy it can be really weird.  Most have their own blogs featuring…themselves or their friends…I don’t know if that’s something to do with narcissism… blogging always about when, where and who they were with or the how much PR they got while attending somewhere.  Most do not write any commentaries just post their photos so don’t expect to learn fashion from them. At least not from all. They may inspire your daily wear though.

Let me introduce you to Bryan Boy first…He seems fun, always in a “notice me” outfit though totally not my style especially when he wear woman’s handbags ( I cannot help but wonder is he jealous or what).  I’d say girls don’t take him as a style inspiration, boys it may be even worse for you in some cases…

I’d say this is too much…

This could be sort of inspiring…We know men can wear bright colours so why not prints?

If you are interested to see the rest of the bunch, keep watching this space!