Macarons as the ultimate luxury: Pierre Herme in Paris

Ok, so we all know it is not hard to buy a girl’s heart with chocolates. I think case is even stronger with a box of macarons. I can easily eat up to 10 macarons on a single serve and I won’t regret it.  Believe me cause I’ve done that! Yet, some still manage to turn this indulgence even into art.

Here is a recent find in Paris.  Mr. Pierre Herme’s macarons are not just  heavenly, having the right balance of fresh and crispy biscuity outsides with melting, fluffy insides but also the way they are presented is like an edible art…Mr Herme also does chocolates, waffles and ice cream and I have tried everything on offer.  I think their macarons were one of the best I ever had. The shop manager told me once you eat Pierre Herme macarons, the world never is the same again and perhaps it is even better than world famous La Duree.  For me, I think I still love La Duree as much as Mr Herme.  If  I have to compare the two in terms of taste I’d say classics such as chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, strawberry are both amazing. What Mr Pierre does more is to have lots of limited editions. I loved the idea a lot, there are seasonal changes, monthly updates, flavour of the year kind of limited editions which you don’t find it in La Duree.  I believe Pierre Hermes makes you keep coming back with his constant search for the ultimate indulgence.

This is art not chocolate…

In terms of style of the shop I’d say Pierre Herme reflects an ultimate luxury with its minimalist, dark, luxurious but eye catching interiors whereas La Duree is more like pastel,floral haven. La Duree is the classic, but Pierre Herme is the trendy one. As we are already aware, one of the biggest trends of our era is affordable luxury and Pierre Herme experience totally gives you that. Their specially designed bags make you feel you are giving away a designer bag instead of a box of macaroons. If you were to choose one? Don’t worry you can’t go wrong with any of the two but perhaps Pierre Herme helps you to cheat more when you gift someone:)