Why we love Louboutins?A glimpse to Mr. Louboutins’ 20 Years in Fashion and special pop up store in Selfridge’s, London

Just to be clear I don’t own a pair of Louboutins at the moment.  However, I definitely would like to own a pair one day and currently planning to spend my entire bonus for this. Yeaah, my bonus is really not much at all! it is a harsh reality that most of us seriously need to save money to gift ourselves with one.  However, we are allowed to dream.  Don’t we?

So, I am thinking why? Why not a Jimmy Choo or a Manolo Blahnik or A Gina but a Louboutin? I blame the movies! Let’s think through. Every time the successful, loveable, beautiful and of course stylish female lead character walks around with a great pair of stilettos we cannot help but wonder, what is it, what is the brand? If the perfect lady does not tell the brand as a part of her dialogue the only one we can recognise, even from a distance, is Mr Louboutin. Thanks to his creativity and famous red soles of course.

And as girls we are taught to love shoes, any kind of shoes not just Louboutins.  And let’s admit it,  trend influencers make it easy to love Louboutins.  Every fashion magazine showcases at least a few pairs every month,  We have “now” celebrities like famous Kardashians or “forever” style icons like Anna Wintour loving Louboutin so why don’t we? Is it a status mark? Maybe.  Is it a style mark? Definitely, yes. Does it tell something about you? I think so.  At least it is a fashion statement.

Recognizability… I believe, this is what it makes Louboutins to top list of shoes.

And if you want you can have a small bite of Mr. Louboutin’s  20 years of fashion adventure through a visit to Selfridge’s in London.  Look at these gorgeous window displays. I felt like Alice in Wonderland by just looking inside these windows.

Inside you can see not only the shoes but special edition pieces like these …..

And also a sample of men’s shoes.  Looking at the designs, I think Mr. Laboutin loves girls more.

Finally, this is what I am eyeing on. It is purple, It is cute and it is Louboutin. I am allowed to dream. Don’t I? 🙂