I feel like escaping. Do you?

I have been thinking about this for sometime now. Are we feeling bored of our times or worse do we want to get rid of 2012 already? I do not want to sound blue, but I am sure you are noticing the not so new trend of nostalgia? Mad Men is the most favourite TV series, L’Artist has won all the hearts, some prizes at the Globes and confidently on its way to the Oscars. King’s Speech, Iron Lady, Madonna’s WE: All are stories from past and they represent things we long for: Style, elegance, romance and attachment. And this trend is also reflected in music: Late Amy Winehouse and British Rose Adele is almost right out of 60s not just with their make up and outfits but also with the sound of their songs. Fashion magazines are inspired by this movement and if not their front covers, their most precious pages are styled in this spirit.

This is from 2011

This is from 1964!

Why is that? Economic conditions? Feeling that everything is already done at its best?Any answers?

Recently, I discovered a small café in Islington,London which looked like another extreme showcase of the escapism trend. It is called Issy’s Milky Place. When I was inside, I literally blinked to understand that I was not dreaming. The owners/workers were dressed like 60s (their make up, dress, hairdo). There was an old TV on the wall just showing black and white movies. There were delicious cakes, brownies, cookies on antique cake trays. There was a fresh milk smell inside and decoration was like an American ice cream shop in 60s. I loved it, it was so unique and so different than Nordics style uber café variations.

Long story short, I think think we all need to escape from reality sometimes. I know I do, I want to forget about my career, my relationships, my life and just live in a dream. Now I know that if want to get lost in past, I can take a cup of milk in Issy’s place!