Ground Rules


Let’s start with setting some ground rules…This is not a blog of a girl working at likes of Vogue or Vanity Fair. Although, I would have killed to work there, I work at a very normal job not related to fashion at all..  This is not about a girl living 5 steps close to work so that she could easily showcase her new stilettos. Although, I would have preferred not to commute given that I spend 2 hours of my day to reach my job. This is not about a 20 something being able to do clubbing on weeknights (Ahhh, I wouldn’t do that even that age) and show case a mix of outfits, wear extravagant even outrages styles to work and get caught to the famous sartorialist or photographers on the way.. And this blog is not coming from models, ex models, industry people, celebrities or fashion insiders like Anna Wintour or Carine Rotfield. Reality check, there are lots of them and we love them but not sure if we need more of them to get even more jealousJ

This is about me, an ordinary working girl, over 30, interested in trends, especially fashion, has to earn her own money to buy nice stuff which is not necessarily limited to glamourous Laboutins or Chanels, pays rent, loves food so will never be a size 0 but I  adore everything with a style and a character.